Everest Day Celebration
7 Summits Women Photo

Date:          August 16, 2014
Location:   Gulshan Terrace (Elmhurst)

Program Summary:

The FUNDRAISER DINNER PARTY brings together friends and supporters of US Nepal Climber Association for an inspirational and educational night The event highlights the honors for SEVEN SUMMITS WOMAN'S for climbing as well as the main objectives of this events is to collect fund for the woman's expedition team which has provide significant contributions for SEVEN SUMMITS WOMAN climbers in their expedition. Thanks to the generous Donor and USNCA TEAM without whom this events would not have been successful, all the funds collected from this event will be directly funded to SEVEN SUMMIT WOMAN'S expedition team. The event was held at the premise of Gulshan Terrace on 16th August 2014. Tickets prices for the event was $50/-. The fund collected from the event will be used to address the needs of Seven Summits Women's Climbing Team.

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